Keep Girls in School. Period.


Our vision is for a world where no girl misses school because of her period.

Millions of girls across the African continent miss school every month because they lack the resources and information needed to manage their periods.

Overtime, this causes girls in impoverished communities to fall behind in their studies, or to drop out altogether, contributing to pervasive cycles of poverty and gender inequality.

Huru has a simple solution: reusable sanitary pads
to keep girls in school. Period.


Huru Kits are a straightforward solution to a complex problem. All Huru Pads are environmentally friendly, and produced with love by women and men in Nairobi, Kenya, creating jobs in local communities. Each Huru Pad lasts a minimum of 18 months, allowing girls to stay in school all year long.

Independent evaluation shows 9 out of 10 girls who receive a Huru Kit see a reduction in period-related absences.



Girls who are educated are less likely to face poverty as an adult, contract HIV, or be forced into unwanted sex or unplanned pregnancy. When they choose to have a family, girls who are educated have better maternal health, and are more likely to make healthy choices for their children; their children in turn are more likely to be educated. One additional year in school can increase a woman’s lifetime earnings by 20%.


In Swahili, Huru means “freedom,” which is at the core of everything we do. Having the freedom to stay in school opens up a girl’s life to so many other opportunities, like the freedom to pursue higher education, a career, a partner or even a family.

Our goal is to give every girl the freedom she needs to get the education she deserves.